Hanging Tough

Pain! There is so much wrapped up in that word. For me personally it is a harsh, unforgiving four letter word that makes me cringe. We have all had pain, of some sort, in our life. Regardless of the type of pain though it is just that! It is still pain. It hurts. It can be excruciating or mild. Sometimes we can get through our pain easy peasy while other times we find ourselves on the threshold of giving up because we feel as though we absolutely cannot endure any more. It has to stop at whatever cost at this point. The pain is overwhelming and has totally consumed you and all that you are. You surrender to,give in and give up the future you. And then… You somehow take in another deep breath and are able to hang tough. You shout, scream or whisper your plea for help. And help is there, getting you through the trenches of this debilitating situation you are in, pain, whatever the cause.

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