Staying focused isn’t the hard part. I can focus on anything set before me but is that what I need to do? No way! If you are believing for a miracle, whether it be for a physical healing, financial breakthrough or an immediate need financially. Sometimes you are believing for a due promotion or direction . Maybe it is a dream of yours you are seeking to see the fruition of.
Keep your sweet beautiful eyes and your thoughts on just that. Kind of have tunnel vision with it. When you are in a tunnel driving you have light to see the road , your path, but you absolutely cannot see anything outside of that to distract you. This is not impossible to do. Hard sometimes yes, just like driving through a tunnel can be stressful for some people. Sometimes we have to remember whet it is that is at the end, the actual thing that we had focus of. We have to think of the reward, the celebration of not getting distracted and winning, reaching that dream, getting that miracle. Don’t give up. Stay focused, refocus you, we, can do it. With Him!!

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